How To Enrich Your Life Through Healthy Friendships

In today’s busy society, we often neglect the importance our closest friendships have on our health and wellbeing. Having friends can make our lives richer, more vibrant and energetic.

While technology helps us stay connected with long-distance family and friends, it’s important to develop and nurture offline friendships too. As human beings we are social creatures – it’s in our DNA to be connected. 

Our friendships often determine our level of happiness. In the words of motivational speaker, Jim Rohn: ““You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  We are strongly influenced by those closest to us. Are the friendships in your life inspiring and supportive? To bring more positive connection into your life, create new friendships with people who will inspire you, encourage you, listen to you, help you grow and add more joy to your life.

How To Enrich Your Life Through Healthy Friendships

  • Be open to new people
  • Make the effort and commitment to build friendships
  • Have regular catch-ups 
  • Accept new invitations
  • Find new like-minded people with similar interests by joining a new group
  • Embrace quality friendships not quantity
  • Throw a dinner party
  • Workout with friends
  • Travel with friends
  • Make time for social gatherings

Healthy friendships provide a sense of belonging and play a vital role in our overall feeling of health and wellbeing.

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