“Intuitive and wonderful healing energy and coaching. I would highly recommend Joanne.”

JANET BALDWIN, Maui Healing Retreat

“Joanne’s intuitive guidance and nutrition expertise in plant-based meals was a major breakthrough in helping me get back on track to a healthier path.  I initially aimed to improve the balance in my life, however, physical limitations needed to be considered. Joanne’s holistic guidance, commitment, support and accountability resulted in an overall positive outcome in my health and wellbeing. I have learned to plan for more personal time and have committed to a regular fitness program. Due to a pre-existing diagnosis of sensitivity to gluten, I have also completely eliminated gluten from my diet and am amazed with the results. Seeing a positive result so early in the program has increased my motivation to keep moving forward. I highly recommend Joanne’s coaching services if you are wanting to make positive changes to your health and wellbeing. She is very passionate about her work”.


Happy Traveler, Melbourne, Australia

“I needed guidance & suggestions to adopt a plant-based diet for a healthier life. Maui Wellness Coach – Joanne Rose’s enthusiasm & encouragement was nothing less than inspiring! Joanne cheerfully provided me with a variety of meal options. Joanne’s suggestions for food combinations mean meals are interesting & inviting. I now feel more energetic as a result. I definitely recommend Joanne to anyone who needs support or guidance to achieve a particular goal”.

Australian resident
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